Arepas Santandereanas (Arepas from the Santander region) are my new obsession. Let's be thankful that arepas aren't made this way anymore. The most popular made with 100% maize, people simple refer to these as Arepas de Maiz (corn arepas), at Delicias Andinas we have named these type, Arepas Antioqueñas. Yeah, arepas might well be the most famous Venezuelan food, but when it comes to a truly patriotic meal, Pabellón Criollo is the quintessence of Venezuelan cuisine. Posted in r/food by u/concepts3D • 87 points and 21 comments As baseball is the national sport, Pabellon Criollo is the Venezuela national food. Download this stock image: Different types of arepas, meat, black beans, cheese, fried plantain, typical South American food - ME6BEJ from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. According to Extra Crispy, arepa dough was originally made one of two ways. I would eat these arepas every day if they weren’t so difficult to find in Bogota. While the Venezuelan arepa might be most popular globally, there is no doubt that both versions have become staples of South American cuisine, beloved for their versatility and indicative of the region’s ancient and complex history. Corn was either soaked in the rain and ground down to make dough, or it was chewed up and spit it out to create dough. Arepas are best served warm with butter or cheese. I first had these when I visited Santander a few years ago and haven’t stopped eating them since. Other types of Arepas are made with a variety of corn types and sometimes incorporating other ingredients such as cheese and sugar. And the arepa boyacense, which originated in the Boyacá region of Colombia, is stuffed with a type of milk curd called cuajada.

To stuff an arepa, cut open one side and make room for your filling. Antioquia, a beautiful province in Colombia, famous for its arepas, and where our … They are made from a type of yellow corn and mixed with small pieces of fried pork belly which is what gives it its flavour. Add the desired filling—such as the raw egg in arepas con huevos —and return to the skillet to fry them for a few more minutes. However, arepas are made all around South America in dozens of different ways.

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