Hammerhead Sharks are found in many bodies of water around the world that are warm. There are nine different species of hammerhead shark, and each has its own unique traits and adaptations. The great hammerhead’s eggs hatch within their mother’s body and the newborn sharks emerge fully developed. Hammerhead Shark Facts: There are total nine known species of hammerhead shark. Teachers may opt to complete a unit study on sharks, requiring a model shark habitat craft from each student once the study is finished to assess the student's comprehension of the material. Hammerhead sharks have a distinctive profile and are one of the easiest sharks to identify. HAMMERHEAD SHARK FACTS. In general, hammerheads aren't aggressive toward humans, although on rare occasions larger sharks have attacked people. Hammerhead sharks, or sphyrnids, are perhaps the most distinctive and unique of all sharks. It has a length of about 18 to 20 feet. Birth Gestation is 10 to 12 months, and a female shark typically has a litter of 30 to 50 pups every year. Scalloped hammerhead sharks are listed as Critically Endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). Physical description. Let’s get on with many more hammerhead shark facts and information. Scientific name: Sphyrnidae (Sphyrna mokarran – Great Hammerhead) Conservation Status: Endangered. The Mako, Blue, Thresher and Basking sharks are happy in temperate conditions. Great hammerhead sharks have a notch in the center of their head, which is known as a cephalofoil. According to the website Enchanted Learning, there are 368 different species of sharks around the world, including hammerhead and great white sharks. Cool facts. It can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 1,000 pounds, although smaller sizes are more common. Two distinct They have 5-gill slits. The “Hammer” Head – The uniquely shaped head that all hammerhead sharks share is called a cephalofoil. Hammerhead Shark Facts for Kids. The Bonnethead Shark (also known as the Shovelhead shark) is a species of tropical shark, and is the smallest member of the hammerhead genus (Sphyrna).They are considered as a delicacy in many parts of the world and are widely popular for their ‘tasty’ flesh. Scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna Iewini) have a thick, wide head shaped like a double-headed hammer with its eyes and gills on the end.Different from other hammerheads, they have an indentation in a central location on the front part of their arched head. The cephalofoil has a gentle curve in juvenile sharks but becomes straight as the shark ages. Mass: Up to 450 kg (1000 lbs) Length: 6.1 m (20ft) More About Hammerhead Sharks.

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