YOMI & MUKURO vs. YAMAMOTO & KENPACHI vs. JUUBIDARA & TONERI. He gained this title for unclear reasons. There was once when Kenpachi lay on the ground trying to ask his Zanpakutou what its name was; no response. In order to gain the title of Kenpachi, he slew the previous one, Kenpachi Kuruyashiki, with his Bankai. YOMI & MUKURO vs. YAMAMOTO & KENPACHI vs. JUUBIDARA & TONERI. Kenpachi Azashiro (アザ史郎 剣八, lit. Kenpachi could probably pull a Yamamoto and take a hit to grab the real Aizen. Azashiro Kenpachi), formerly called Sōya Azashiro (アザ志郎宗谷, lit. Considering that some Central 46 pleb said, without any proof, that Yamamoto feared shackled Kenpachi with some training would become unstoppable this one should stomp his head off. Off Topic Facts and Feats. So you can see the reason for my skepticism of the higher end Kenpachi shikai claims. Joke Battles. Facts and Feats.

He gain this title for unclear reasons. Kenpachi being the strongest could mean literal physical strength, which is also uncontradicted as Kenpachi could probably out arm wrestle Yamamoto, Ichibei, and likely Ichigo and Aizen as well. Kenpachi Azashiro (アザ史郎 剣八, lit. Nope, Kenpachi swung his sword and the pressure did the rest of it. In order to gain the title of Kenpachi, he slayed the previous one, Kenpachi Kuruyashiki, with his Bankai. ... Yamamoto is an expert in the Shinigami techniques of Shinpo, Kido, and Hakuda.

Azashiro Sōya), is the former 8th Kenpachi of the Gotei 13 and the previous captain of the 11th Division. Despite all of this, Unohana has a dark side to her personality, which she usually keeps completely hidden. As the current holder of the title of Kenpachi, Kenpachi Zaraki stands as the Soul Society's most physically intimidating force. All Kenpachi would need is a direct hit to take Yama out, while Yamamoto's most powerful attack can only do so much to Kenpachi while wearing eye-patch.

He obtained this title after defeating Kenpachi Kuruyashiki, the previous Kenpachi. With those thoughts the flames surged forward, keeping Yamamoto consumed in them as Vergil was comparable to a comet now, blitzing Yamamoto with all of his power. VS Battles. a. Pein vs Yamamoto b. Itachi vs Byakuya c. Deidara vs Hitsugaya d. Kisame vs Kenpachi e. Aizen vs Madara f. Gin vs Sasori g. Shunsui vs Hidan h. Kisuke vs Kakuzu i. Juushiro vs Zetsu j. Soi Fong vs Konan k. Pein & Madara vs Yamamoto & Aizen l. Hitsugaya & Gin vs Sasori & Deidara m. Itachi & Kisame vs Byakuya & Kenpachi n.

Lille being able to pierce through anything is literally the entire basis of his special ability and otherwise defeats the purpose of his ability. Off Topic Facts and Feats.

At first, this was introduced as mere comic relief, as members of the Eleventh Division and even other captains have been shown to be afraid of her.

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