Pin it. Glasgow, Lanarkshire. The combination makes it one of the best breeds to rear as a family pet. The American Bulldog has the flat-faced (brachycephalic) muzzle shape which can create lifelong health issues. 10 months ago; For Sale; Dogs; Mixed Breed; Glasgow . The Bullkita is a mix between an Akita and American Bulldog, which makes it a large and robust bulldog. Lovely Female American Akita x bull mastiff Leiston, Suffolk 7months old girl Akita cross bull mastiff. The Bullkita is a powerful mix between an Akita and an American Bulldog. This impressive canine is quite large, averaging between 70 to 90 pounds and usually resembling a short-haired Akita. Boost this advert. They were originally used for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan. A Bullkita is friendly as the Bulldog and as loyal as the Akita. puppy for sale I had her up ages ago but as of the covid 19 I Took the add down . Report. Share. A Springer Spaniel English Bulldog mix can stand up to 35 inches in height and weigh between 53 and 180 pounds.

Loves the ladies, but is somewhat aggressive with male dogs.He can be suspicious of strangers but once we let him know they are ok. Get more visibility! The Akita is a large and powerful dog bree d with a noble and intimidating presence. We have now launched our new "Boost" feature. Tweet. Bullkita is a mix between Akita and American Bulldog. 1st to pics are from when I last had her up so she’s grown loads since but still very content and got a lot to learn but alre The English Bull Springer can have soft, curly hair and sheds moderately all year round. The Bullkita is a cross between an Akita and an American Bulldog.

It has a lot of energy to spend round the whole day, so make sure you train it properly. The dog barks quite rarely, but once it does, your neighbours down the whole street might hear it. The hybrid is very loyal and playful. This dog will shed year-round and may blow coat if the Akita genes dominate. The Akita Mix is a cross between an Akita and another dog breed. Contact the Seller. Akita x American Bulldog mix = Bullkita. With a lifespan of up to 13 years, the English Bull Springer is pretty healthy, although the breed can be vulnerable to hip dysplasia. He is quick to fetch toys and wants to play, a great mix of breeds. Read all about the Bullkita - Breed Information, Photos, Videos, Discussion, Blogs, Rescue & Want Ads, Training Tips & Much More Member since May 2019 n/a n/a. £300.

The Akita Pit is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Akita and American Pit Bull Terrier dog breeds. Click on the link below to boost this advert!

Pets4Homes found 33 Akita Dogs and Puppies for stud in the UK. Breeds: Akita and American Bulldog. American Bulldog Akita Mix (Bullkita) The Bullkita will weigh 40 to 130 pounds with a life expectancy of 8 to 13 years. The Bullkita has genetic traits from both the Bulldog and Akita parents. Bullkita – Akita American Bulldog mix. He is very intelligent and picks up on commands quickly. Akita Mix American Bulldog. It’s important to talk to the breeder about the other parent breed in the cross and ask questions so you have an idea of what to expect in an Akita Mix … Share .

"Marvel, an Akita and Shepherd mix at 10 months old. Email Seller.

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